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 Types of Social Networking

Social media or social networking covers a wide range of areas. Right from a medium to share your pictures, videos and opinions to a place where you can meet potential love interest, social networking apps include lot of things. Social networking apps and websites can be created for dating, social games, media sharing, quiz, contest, promotions, careers, friends, communities, consumer reviews, shopping, etc. Codevian can help you build any kind of social networking app or website that can surely increase your revenue.

Customized Social Networking Development Company

There is no escape from social media or social networking in today’s world. It is also the fastest way to connect with people around the world. Simple, yet efficient social networking apps and websites can boost business like nothing else. It is important to make it user-centric, attractive and engaging. Our team at Codevian Technologies know what makes a social media app tick. With our skills, expertise and experience, we have been able to provide social networking development services to several businesses.

Our Focus for Social Networking Site Development

The features of the application or website are what attract the user the most. Hence, we focus on providing the social networking app or website the best features. Here are some of the solutions that we provide while creating, developing and designing social media or networking applications or websites.

Quick Profile Creation

The need to fill a long form to become a member can be a major put-off. Hence, we make it possible for users to create profiles through their already existing profiles on other websites, if they choose to.

Attractive Profile

Everyone likes to look their best, especially when they are sharing information about themselves on the internet. We help users to do just that by providing striking colours, background images, wallpapers, etc.


People display their entire life through posts and images on social media apps and hence we take the privacy of your users very seriously. We make sure to provide your users with high security and reliable privacy controls.


When you are offering a social networking site where users can share pictures and videos, you would not want them to go to another app to edit their images or videos or even to add highlights. Hence, we provide a feature that makes editing possible in the app itself.

Services -That We offer

Student  onboarding &  Mangement,Learning  content Mangement System,Gamification,Online Exams,Student information system,instuctional Designing,Assessment and Analytics

Online training website and applications

Institute management solutions

Advanced mobility solution for college and university

Knowledge based educational website and application

e-Library app solutions

Library management solutions

University management (ERP) solutions

School management solutions

Why Choose Us?

In this age of high competition, here is what makes Codevian the leading social networking site development company.

Latest and Advanced Tools and Technology

Each and every member of team puts in efforts to know and learn about the advanced tools and technologies that would help us to create cutting-edge social media apps and sites.


We have years of experience in creating social media applications that are unique, advanced and relevant with the changing times.

Customized Solutions

We ensure that your social networking site is one-of-kind. We create customized solutions as per your requirements, so that it gives you maximum benefits.

Cost Efficient

While our solutions are high-end ones, our costs are not. We provide the best at the most affordable rates.

A customized social networking site or app can turn your idea into a successful, high-paying business. All you need to do is share your idea with us!

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