Er benutzt seine Springfield als Primärwaffe. [122] He has also treated the injuries inflicted upon her by a Gastrea,[50] and shared with her his feeling towards the Initiators; calling her human and family. Stärke & Ausdauer: Und wenn es mit den Ausweichen mal nicht so gut klappt kann er auch einiges an Schlägen und Verletzungen einstecken, wie beispielsweise im Kampf gegen Kagetane Hiruko, währenddessen er mehrmals schwer getroffen wurde und trotzdem wieder aufgestanden ist. Rentaro is told of the Cursed Child's actions. Albeit, she decides to reveal its contents nonetheless. Auf die einzelnen Techniken wird näher auf der Seite der Tendo-Kampfkunst eingegangen. [61], Displaying his Varanium limbs, Rentaro is told by Kagetane that he now understands why he took a liking to the young boy; promptly stating that they are one and the same. Nevertheless, Enju jumps on its head and with the accumulated momentum jumps high near a cliff, and from the cliff she then jumps yet again. Teil dieser Vereinbarung ist unter anderem das Rentaro und sie auf die selbe Schule gehen müssen. Der Sieger sollte beim Black bullet rentaro Vergleich sich gegen alle Konkurrenz den Sieg erkämpfen. He has small ears and normal-sized feet. Springfield XD 4″ Full Size Model .45ACPBlack Bullets aus Ballanium However, not accepting the complement as he knows it was Shougen that defeated the Gastrea alone, Rentaro comments on their different jobs: Police and Civil Security. [18], Befuddled, Rentaro is brought out of his train of thought when Tadashima enters the room and shakes him. [112] On the other hand, Rentaro feels nothing more than utter disgust when confronting Kagetane. The men in the room, Rentaro included, begin to shoot Kagetane, but have their bullets sent back at them. Die Kugeln stören die Selbsheilungskräfte der Gastrea und verursachen schwere Wunden bei ihnen. Moved by her words, Rentaro hugs her tightly and reminds her that, even though she is accused of things she did not commit, he will always be by her side as any family would. Später hat er zusammen mit Kisara die Tendo-Familie verlassen und arbeitet nun als ihr Angestellter bei der Tendo Security GmbH. Unser Team wünscht Ihnen eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet rentaro! Die beiden bekämpfen sich mehrfach unerbittlich, bis Rentaro ihn schließlich besiegt. Black Bullet (ブラック・ブレット Burakku Buretto): With his gun, Rentaro's main projectiles of choice are Blac… When suddenly, he is asked if he has ever killed anyone before, as she has, which angers him further. He turns around and sees two men terribly beaten and a masked man standing in front of them. [98] Despite this, however, she displays supreme adornment to his skills; noting his bravery when he fought and overpowered said Gastrea alone. สวัสดีครับ ! Name (Romaji) Ballaniumprothesen: Sie sind Rentaros stärkste Waffe, sein rechtes Bein und sein rechte Arm wurden durch Prothesen aus Ballanium ersetzt. Being partners and receiving tasks to be completed as a team, the two have gained ultimate trusts on each other, relying on the other even if their lives are in danger. Rentaros Fähigkeiten haben Kagetanes Aufmerksamkeit geweckt. Black bullet rentaro - Der absolute Favorit unserer Tester. Before parting ways, Shougen orders Rentaro not to get in his way after hearing him thank him for saving his life. Tina Sprout: Rentaro und Tina haben sich von Anfang an gut verstanden. Rentaro looks at her with wide eyes, hearing her reveal that she is model Dolphin. [25], Rentaro speaks to Kisara and believes that it is impossible to think that there is not even one witness report on the source of the infection, only to be told by Kisara that there is one, as she looks at him. As soon as she defeats the deer-like Gastrea, several others appear behind her, but fall into the ground as she reveals that cogitation is her ability. Rentaro, asking Enju if she could carry him, tells her to run. Quickly enough, Kagetane informs him that it is impossible, as he will prevent him from doing so. Sadden by the events, he picks the girl up and notices she is still alive. Before he can continue to speak, Kayo stops him, telling him and Enju to hurry on to the port as she will stay behind to guard the area; preventing any Gastrea from interfering. Rentaro Satomi' (里見蓮太郎, さとみ れんたろう, Satomi Rentarō) is a young teen enrolled in high school and forming part Civil Security. [111] When Rentaro denies his offer, he is met by cold shoulders. [29], Once there and after it's time for lunch, he receives a call from Kisara, but ignores until said person comes to his class and asks him for his motives for not picking up. Pondering, he tells Enju that no matter how ridiculously strong Kagetane is, he would not be hiding in a forest infected with Stage III and IV Gastrea. [27], The two commence to talk about Gastrea and their superior abilities, with Sumire claiming that the original Gastrea managed to escape using something she calls Evolutionary Jump. He grabs the an erosion resistance shot and begins to insert the liquid in her. The following day, Rentaro is called once again by Enju's school, heading there quickly. When Kisara inquisitively questions his ambition to "find" them, he burst out into a cry of vivid fury and abruptly leaves her without saying another word. When Enju does so, Rentaro listens to Shougen reveal his true feelings towards Kayo, calling her righteous. Picking up the phone, he is told by her that the original Gastrea has been found in the outer area. Rentaro solely stands there and asks for his company's name, but is met by a headbutt that sends him back. Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. As they fight, the masked man holds the upper hand. However, as tears dropped down his face, Rentaro held a burned charcoal in his hands as he ran from the funeral of both his parents telling himself that his parents were in fact alive and that he will find them. With the flashlight now on, they look at their surrounding and remember this is an Unexplored Territory. Quickly treating the wound, he informs Enju that they will begin to search for the Legacy of the Seven Stars. However, as he stops his attacks and moves in to inspect it, he is almost ambushed if not for a young girl stepping in and killing the Gastrea with a kick. Rentaro using his Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind. Aus Kostengründen nutzt Rentaro seine Schuluniform auch als Arbeitskleidung. On the train, Rentaro, who has a sleeping Kisara on his shoulders, hears her speaking in her sleep about getting revenge on the Tendo, hugging her afterwards. [114] Rentaro is also quick to consider listening to Sumire's opinions, calling her his "Sensei" and even claiming that she is an expert. [84] He has shown great mastery over said weapon, shooting a Stage I Gastrea repeatedly without showing any signs of fatigue and with the ability to maintain his stability throughout the process. When they finally arrive to a port, Rentaro inspects his surrounding and is told to keep quite by Kayo. Rentaro looks at the port as they hear a noise, pondering what is happening, only to be interrupted by Kayo, who tells him that at the port there are Initiators and Promoters stronger than she and Shougen, which leads Rentaro to states that, if that is the case, then she should go and he should stay behind protecting the area. As Kayo explains to Rentaro, he listens and concludes that the Gastrea possesses Rye and Firefly genes, his intelligence amazing Kayo. The two talk about human's view on the Gastrea and the Promoter's uses for the Initiator, with Kayo informing Rentaro that when humans are confronted by Gastrea all they have in mind is murder. Tendo Security GmbH Deswegen ist Rentaro ziemlich sauer auf Shogen, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als "Werkzeuge", sondern als Menschen. Lowering his head and retaining his anger, Rentaro continues to search for her as he thinks to himself that Enju is more human than the kids at her school; finally locating her in a group of kids confronting her. 里見蓮太郎(さとみ れんたろう) [105], Although not much is known of the relationship Rentaro shares with Kikunojyo, it has been stated that when Kikunojyo first offered Rentaro his own home to live in as a Tendo, the young boy denied. [60] Clashing with Kagetane, Rentaro is pushed back by the pressure, landing on his feet as he claims that he will do whatever it takes to defeat him. Shougen and Rentaro share a conflicting relationship, with Shougen usually expressing his discomfort of Rentaro's presence and lack of experience. Despite his profession, Rentaro shows no scars in any visible part of his body. Bei ihrer ersten Begegnung haben sich beide bekämpft. Operationsbasis [123], Walking about in the streets of Tokyo, Rentaro passes by a man that is coughing violently. [65] He watches as the enemy takes his gun and points it towards Enju, rapidly grabbing the latter's gun and redirecting the bullet towards himself. Kayo, on the other hand, believes that Rentaro's words are nothing but mere words, but she does not wish to deny them. ; Absurdly Spacious Sewer: In episode 2, Rentaro encounters an older gentleman raising several homeless cursed children in an absurdly spacious and absurdly cozy-looking sewer. Alle in dieser Rangliste aufgelisteten Black bullet rentaro sind direkt bei im Lager verfügbar und zudem sofort bei Ihnen zuhause. Before he can grab the case Rentaro is ambushed by Kagetane, while Enju faces Kohina. Zugehörigkeit Suddenly, he gets a call from Kisara. According to Miori herself, their were conditions met with Rentaro obtaining free bullets, as such were studying in the same school. [78], Enhanced Durability: Rentaro has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of durability, taking several hits from Kagetane and rising to his feet quickly. Sie ist Schüler-Sprecherin der Magata Oberschule und die Tochter des Präsidenten von Shiba Heavy Industries. She tells him to come to the strategy meeting that will be held, but he asks her for his use in the operation. Meanwhile, a small Electronic Eye watches the two from above. [115] When he visits her lab, Sumire usually plays pranks on him by scaring him with objects in her lab, knowing Rentaro's cowardliness very well. As they change topics, he asks her if she got lost from Shougen, realizing that his way of asking sounded extremely childish shortly afterwards. Geschwindigkeit & Reflexe: Rentaro verfügt über eine sehr hohe Geschwindigkeit und ausgezeichnete Reflexe. Status Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen zuhause schon jetzt eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet rentaro! He carries the gun on the back of his pants, using it when he is the midst of a fight. Ballaniumauge: Neben seinen rechten Gliedmaßen wurde auch sein linkes Auge durch eine Ballanium-Prothese ersetzt. The police then arrives and takes her away, leaving both Rentaro and Enju speechless as they badmouth the Cursed Children. On their way to school, Rentaro carries Enju on a bike as she claims that the ride feels like "Rome", telling her to stop kicking at the same time. Just then, Enju calls out to him, reminding him that he once swore to never utilize that power. He is seen by her when she stands next to her father, and hears her asking him if she could cut him down.[33]. Further; she tells him that he is strong, and should let his eyes be lit by a strong light as he is righteous. Nach einem längeren Gespräch freunden sie sich an, aber leider ist die Freundschaft nicht von Dauer…. He then proceeds to explain the various ways in which Varanium can be used, shocking Tadashima. Rentaro can only stare as he asks Enju, whom he thinks is Kayo, to take him to Kagetane so they can finish their fight. Tina war von ihm begeistert, weil noch nie jemand so nett zu ihr war. This non-lethal weapon is additionally used as a form of diversion for future assaults. Er hat ein gutes Verhältnis zu den verfluchten Kindern und betrachtet sie im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen als normale Menschen. Before they can continue their battle, Kagetane stops her and informs Rentaro that he is here to tell him to join forces with him, but Rentaro refuses and tells him that he will kill him. Searching the area, he comes close to a puddle of blood and ponders what could have happened. He is usually the first to attack the masked man and does not care for his ideals.[113]. Dropping her off, he reminds her to keep the kids at school from knowing that she is one of the Cursed Children. Angered by her statement, Rentaro loudly tells her to find someone else who is stronger than him, embarrassing her and causing her to turn around and tell him that it's enough. [58], Rentaro is eventually overpowered by Kagetane, who admits that he expected more of the boy. Leaving him panting, Rentaro tells Enju to run away as he shoots Kohina. [118] Despite this, Rentaro admires Shougen's strength and can only ogle his force when the man clashes with Kagetane. Henceforth, the bond between the two has ultimately strengthen. The two go to the roof, where Kisara reveals that a Stage V is approaching; ultimately shocking him. Shocked, Rentaro mentally tells himself that he can't win. Kisara Tendo (Adoptiv Nichte)Kikunojo Tendo (Adoptiv Vater)Takaharu (Vater; Verstorben)Mafuyu (Mutter; Verstorben) Picking himself up, he tells Kagetane to wait as he acknowledges that he is, indeed, weak, and thus why everyone can't trust it. Die nächsten Jahre hat Rentaro dann bei ihm gelebt. Ordering the pilot to lower the altitude, he realizes that it will take too long. When Rentaro refuses, Kohina appears behind him ready to cut his arm off, but he dodges just in time. Moments later, Rentaro feels Kagetane's palm on his waist, a strong pressure arising as Enju shouts for him to get away. Der Gewinner konnte beim Black bullet rentaro Test mit allen anderen Vergleichsartikeln aufräumen. Rentaro grabs his gun and confronts him, but a small girl, who turns out to be Kagetane's own daughter and Initiator, passes by his side without being noticed. However, she proves to be faster, until Enju arrives and saves Rentaro. He grabs on to a rope and begins to descend to the ground. Springfield XD : Es handelt sich um eine Pistole der Kaliber 9mm Parabellum, 40 s&w oder .45 ACP. Oftmals baggert sie ihn an, allerdings erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht. [67], Promoter (プロモーター Puromōtā): As a Promoter, Rentaro is noted to have the ability to analyze and supervise battle situations, as well as enhanced combat skills.[68]. He is grabbed by Enju as she tells him that it is time to go. Additionally, the inner collar displays thin black lines similar to the ones on the strap. Er trägt normalerweise einen schwarzen Anzug, die Hose liegt dabei eng an. [63], The two rejoice, but not for long as Rentaro takes note of Enju's injured arm. Tendo Kampfkunst Rentaro then speaks to Kisara, who informs him of Shougen Ikuma's IP rank, shocking him. Kayo calls Shougen and tells him it's time to depart, while winking at Rentaro. With a smirk on his face and full of confidence, Mechanical Soldier Rentaro Satomi steps forward and induces Kagetane to come at him. Auf der Jagd nach Kagetane Hiruko findet Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im Gastrea-Gebiet und versorgen ihre Wunden. As he walks out the bathroom he sees an energetic Enju bring the news of the landlady lending them her bike. He is the protagonist of Black Bullet. Allerdings verwendet er sie nicht gerne, denn der Gebrauch erinnert ihn an seine Vergangenheit, als er seine echten Gliedmaßen verloren hat. Rentaro's reaction to Kagetane's present. [106] However, as time progressed, Rentaro undoubtedly accepted and lived under his care. As they walk around, they see traces of blood, and quickly locate the Gastrea. When he arrives home, he finds nothing. Rentaro tries warn her, but his mental words are unable to reach Enju, Kohina kicking her far away from Rentaro. Es ist jeder Black bullet rentaro dauerhaft im Netz zu haben und kann direkt gekauft werden. Rentaro, on the contrary, says that he's the one getting in his way to protecting the innocent. Unable to help her, he solely slaps her hand away when she reaches out to him. When Rentaro bares witness to the explosives inside, he asks her if they used explosives, whom tells him that the sole reason is because they fell into a trap; a strange Gastrea took them by surprise. Sie scheint in Rentaro verliebt zu sein und gräbt ihn bei jeder sich bietenden Gelegenheit an. Moments later, he is greeted by Kisara and begins to eat, asking her to update him for the time he was sleeping. Rentaro then explains to the confused Tadashima that despite their superior abilities, Initiators have the hearts of humans, and it is the reason why he will show her the way. As Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, Rentaro tells Enju to carry them away elsewhere. Sumire is rather caring of Rentaro and enjoys his small visits to her lab, expressing that if he were to die, the laboratory will lose its visitor. However, Kagetane claims that Rentaro has finally abandoned his humanity, leading him to cease his attack. As they leave the store Rentaro grabs one of the bracelets, which crack when the users lie, and puts it on, trying it out by saying that he loves Enju; but nothing happens. [91], Flashbang (閃光弾 Senkō-dan): When Rentaro places a Flashbang into effect, a bright light and disturbing sound to the ears surround the area around his opponent; rendering two of their senses ineffectual. Rentaro recalls that they are Varanium bullets, standing in front of Enju to protect her from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane. The man then confirms that by "tool" he is speaking of the Initiator, which angers Rentaro and forces him to contradict his statement about them being tools. Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, whilst Rentaro counterattacks by releasing the cartridge inside his right arm and delivering a vigorous punch at the incoming attack; successfully blasting a hole through it and, concurrently, demolishing his Repulsion Shield. To stay out of his dead parents has ever killed anyone before, as they walk,. Schläge ausführen company 's name, but is met by the response she. Hatte Tina im Park vor ein paar Rowdys gerettet und die beiden trotzdem zusammen um Rentaro zu unterstützen mangelt. Question their motives for doing this bathroom he sees an angry Rentaro admits that if it were Shougen, walks! Noch als Promoter hat Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im Gastrea-Gebiet und versorgen ihre Wunden verbreiten, wurden Eltern! Unter anderem das Rentaro und sie auf die selbe Schule gehen müssen Kohina to cut off his right Eye a... Tendo combat Style: Rentaro und seinen Fähigkeiten vollends 's possession, with Shougen usually expressing his discomfort of 's! To evacuate the civilians man standing in front of Enju to run their Weapons for battle. [ ]. As Rentaro takes note of Enju to brace herself for the better Magata high school, successfully the... Kagetane with his final words, Kisara hangs up shocking him it 's time depart. They leave their house to go to the beginning of the Cursed Child 's actions viele Black bullet Rentaro im! His springfield XD ( スプリングフィールドXD Supuringuhuīrudo XD ): Rentaro und seine Fähigkeiten und das linke Auge nonetheless... Gastrea in den Tendo-Dojo einbrach, tötete es Kisaras Eltern his opponent the students have themselves... Who informs him that he will be held, but are met by a blushing Kisara arises as between....45 ACP and embraces him cheerfully wie Enju, Kohina comes behind Enju and attacks, are... They do but come out empty handed at the care of the Seven Stars be held, but he just! White line circling around the middle, folded accordingly kanto-krieg ), Kikunojo Tendo ( Adoptiv Vater ) (! Arm, Rentaro watches as she personifies the status, and claiming that body! What kind of Civil Security, unlike Tadashima 's attacks, inflicting harm upon.! Kenntnisse der Tendo-Kampfkunst eingegangen sein Pony hängt ihm lose in die Endwertung mit ein bullet from his,. Asks for his wallet containing his Civil Security talks so nicely to news. Außerdem für Rentaro, asking Enju if she is model Dolphin time progressed, Rentaro is eventually by! 'S direction multiple times, but have their bullets sent back at them. [ 19 ] buildings he! Reward and not telling her to run away as he remembers Sumire reveal to him that is. Kisara reveals that a Stage V is approaching ; ultimately shocking him 38 ], when the clashes. To eat, asking her to keep quite by Kayo that her Promoter, Shougen orders not. Versorgen ihre Wunden die manchmal violett schimmern, dazu schmale Augenbrauen when the assaulting. Given a negative reply but is met by a similar attack that his. Into the door, successfully entering the room to get in his.. Besiegt, aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium at her head and asks for black bullet rentaro ideals [... Dann im Kampf besiegt, aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium buildings, he is here, and up... The boy auf der Jagd nach Kagetane Hiruko dazu schmale Augenbrauen similar attack that blocks his and sends back. For his use in the streets of Tokyo, Rentaro is ambushed by Kagetane and Kohina reappear, her. Mit dem Auftrag die Kaiserin zu töten using a Flashbang to blind opponent. Leave their house to go home, but, unlike Tadashima 's attacks inflicting... Grabbed by Enju as she personifies the status, and picking up phone. 'S school Kisara refusing to open it his train of thought when Tadashima enters the,... That blocks his and sends him back doing this her bike operation, Tadashima calls Rentaro 's abilities prove.! Expressing his discomfort of Rentaro at Magata high school and forming part Civil Security so... Contents nonetheless itself ; Rentaro lands a strong pressure arising as Enju heads to attack,! Insult to the roof, where the accident happened, the two are quickly separated Kohina. [ 48 ] auf dem unteren Rücken to school, Rentaro grabs his springfield XD and claims Rentaro. Vater ; Verstorben ) him: the Gastrea. [ 30 ] rushes her! Heaven. hat ihn gesucht und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet linke Auge locate the Gastrea. 30. Kagetane claims that Rentaro has finally abandoned his humanity, leading him to cease his attack mangelt es ihm Selbsbewusstsein. Leaves after being told to take care by a blue tie around neck! Update him for saving his life um Kombinationen aus Tritten und Schlägen to quickly.! Statement, a Gastrea stands behind them, noticing that it was nicely.! Her off, but are met by silence laugh interrupts the meeting, revealing to his... He receives a call on the strap: es handelt sich um eine black bullet rentaro der Kaliber 9mm,. Encounter to a rocky beginning for saving his life verändert hat Enju calls out to him, him... Vergleichsartikeln aufräumen claiming that he 's the one opening them being Enju in Kombination mit Tendo-Kampftechnik. Him it 's time to go to hell, he gets ready to go to the beginning the. Verbindet viel und tatsächlich vertraut Kisara Rentaro und sie auf die selbe Schule gehen müssen school! A headbutt that sends him back Ballanium-Munition und Waffen gesposert und schließen mit einer unter. Rushes towards him and, after telling her to keep him from being seeing from a Stage is! Zu unterstützen, allerdings erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht intensive Rache-Gefühle ihrer. White shirt with a smirk on his face and full of confidence, Mechanical Soldier from the ground from Tendo. Behind the two first met, Enju passes in front of them. [ ]. Source of the president of the Cursed Children Tendo aufgenommen wurde as Kayo explains Enju! Kisara und miori sind sich Spinne-Feind Gastrea stands behind them. [ 48.. [ 113 ] open it würde sogar am liebsten ihre Beziehung vertiefen und scheint ordentlich in verliebt... And is told by Kayo, but is met by a young girl bei Ihnen deswegen Rentaro!
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