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At Codevian Technologies we strive to make the best real estate websites and portals which are suited to your needs. Codevian Technologies is one of the leading real estate website, portal, and application making companies in India.
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Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Technology and the internet have truly taken over all aspects of our life. Right from shopping to finding a doctor, we turn to our computers or mobile phones. This is true for real estate as well. Gone are the days when people spend the entire day visiting every home or land before buying or renting one. At least, the initial search is done online. Once they shortlist a few homes as per their requirements and budget, people visit them before finalizing on one. This had made real estate companies understand the importance of a good, solid real estate portal or website. Codevian Technologies is a website and mobile app development company that has the experience of creating real estate websites or portals.

Benefits of a Real Estate Portal

As a real estate company, you may have your own website that features your services and contact numbers. Hence, you may feel that having a real estate portal is a waste of money. However, this is not true. On the other hand, there are several advantages of having a real estate portal.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

You can feature all your properties along with details, images and videos for the benefit of your customers. This saves time, for both you and your customers

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

You can make the website or portal SEO-friendly, so that your website would be listed on results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

The website can be designed to make it easier for your clients to look for properties as per their preferred location, budget, size, etc.

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

It is possible to add a live chat session so that you can help potential customers as soon as they enter to your website. You can also have a forum where you can discuss and answer the questions of the visitors.

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Secure payment gateway can also be added to the website.

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

The information (name, email address and phone number) of your customers can be backed up automatically and can be used for marketing and promotions.

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Why Choose Codevian Technologies?

Codevian Technologies is a leading company in the field of mobile app and website development company. We use advanced tools, technologies and software to create robust, user-friendly websites. We would build you real estate websites just as you envision it. Apart from making it unique for your brand, we also need to make sure that they are highly functional, without any glitches.

Our Process

Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Gathering Information

The entire process begins with taking your inputs. Right from the purpose of your real estate portal to the features you want to add, everything is discussed here.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

UI/UX Design

Once we have all the information we need, our experts work towards developing a functional UI/UX design.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company


Our experts develop a prototype of the website or portal for your reference. You can check the look and functionality of the website at this stage. This would help you to decide whether you want to add or change something.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

App Development

Once the prototype is finalized, the developers start working on the actual development part. We develop websites as well as web and mobile applications for all types of operating systems, including Android and Apple.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Quality Check

All the apps and websites that we create go through a strict quality check to detect and remove bugs.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company


 After the quality, check is done and we get your approval, the website or app goes live.
Best Real Estate Portal Development Company

Support and Maintenance

Our work does not end with the deployment of the final product. We understand that a successful portal is one that is well maintained. We provide regular quality checks and updates for the smooth running of the real estate portal.

If you are impressed with our real estate portal development services, all you need to do is contact us by phone or email and get a free quote for our services.

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