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We at Codevian technologies believe that Social Media is a great way to increase your business. So Codevian provides you with the best in class Social Media Management Software tool which is tailored exactly to your requirements so that you stay ahead from the crowd.
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# Perfect software for different businesses
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Social media is everywhere, and it is hard to ignore it. While it is quite popular with people for personal reasons, businesses have also found the potential for using social media for their own businesses. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. connect people from all around the world, and displaying your business on these pages can truly be beneficial. However, with so many popular social media sites, it is difficult to engage and keep track of the all the accounts at once. Here is where SocialEase, CodevianTechnologies’ social media management software comes into picture.


Time Your Post

Queue or schedule content for the right moment


Review all content

Requeue or reschedule posts over and over


Spread the word

Post to all your social accounts


Customize your posts

Tweak your content for each social network


What is SocialEase?

SocialEase is a social media management software developed by Codevian Technologies. Our software gives you the freedom of accessing different social media accounts from a single dashboard. It has been created to make managing various social media accounts easier. Right from scheduling posts to keeping a track of the responses, this software will provide you with the best social media management tool instagram.

Before you sign up for SociaEase (the best tool for social media management), get to know some of the features of this social media management toolfor Instagram, Facebook and other such popular social media apps.

Social Media Campaign

Planning to run a social media campaign for your brand, but do not know where to start? SocialEase’s social media campaign management tool would take care of all your campaign requirements.

Engage with Your Audience

You would get real time updates about the likes, shares and comments on every post. As you can see the activities on all your posts in one place, it would be easier for you to react or reply to the posts immediately.

Analyze Social Performance

You can analyze the performance of all your social media pages without logging into each account separately. SocialEaseanalyzes the performance and provides you with the complete data for the same. This would help you to create posts as per the performance of your previous ones.

Social Media Post Planner

A successful social media page is one that engages its audience with frequent updates and posts. However, making sure that you post updates frequently becomes a stressful task, especially when you have a business to run. This is where SocialEase becomes useful. This software has Facebook and Instagram post planner. This would remind you about the updates and posts, so you update your pages without missing a single day.

Schedule Your Posts

Instead of taking time to post content every time, you can schedule your posts at once. You can schedule the posts for the weekend or during the time when you think your potential customers are active the most. You can schedule multiple posts for all your accounts at once through this best social media management app.

Why Choose Codevian Technologies?

Codevian is one of the leading web and mobile application development companies that provides several technology related services, and SocialEase is one of the most popular and most trusted ones.

Perfect Software for Different Businesses

You may be a start-up, a small business or a big enterprise, but you would be able to benefit by using SocialEase, the social media management software by Codevian.

Save Time and Money

Social media is a great platform for marketing and advertising your products and services. Traditional means of marketing cost lot of money, which you can save when you rely on the internet for marketing. Moreover, as you can post information and ads whenever you want, you save a lot of your time too.

Positive Reviews

Since the time we have launched SocialEase, we have received positive reviews from our clients. You can check our social media management tool reviews to know what our clients think about this software.

SocialEase is a software that can be tailor-made as per the requirements of your business and also the answer to the question, what is the best social media management tool. Using this software to manage your social media accounts would definitely give your business the much needed boost and amazing brand experiences for your customers or followers.