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5 People

5 Developers

1 Tester

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Ashish Sakla





Project Overview

It's a social network platform for showcasing talents

We can follow the users to view their posts in newsfeed. Most exciting features of GOT is the video & audio player.

We can add our and other users video and audio to the playlist. We can create our own events and also show interest to different users event.

Client Requirenment

The client wanted to create a social platform where different users can share their talents and get connected with their fans

1. Newsfeeds : Containing posts of the user which we follow. Post include video, audio ,image & text . We can also share other user posts on newsfeed

2. Playlists : Consist of video and audio playlist. We can add our as well as other users video & audio to our playlist.

3. Events : We can create our own events or show interests on different users event.

4. Catalog : Collection of our media posted. We can manage our uploaded data.

5. Connections : We can see our followers & following list and also suggested user list.

6. Contests : We can create contest and let other users participate in that contest .We can also participate in the other users contest. We can also vote for the user who participated in the contest.

Key Challenges

1. Challenge One : Create a neat and clean UX where user can easily access every features of application.

2. Challenge Two : Uploading big size video in background without restricting the user from using the app while the upload continues.

3. Challenge Three : Expressing different reactions on post of other users.

4. Challenge Four : Step form for collecting users data after first login of user in the system.


  • We have designed & developed each and every screen while considering UX for common users.
  • We have used IntentService for uploading video in background while user can use other features of app in between.
  • We have implemented the reaction type considering facebook reactions.
  • We have implemented a function which verify that necessary information are available for the particular users or not. If any of the necessary information is unavailable we redirect the users to the step form page to collect his/her information.

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