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People or companies in the commercial cleaning business (those who provide cleaning services to industries and corporate sectors) would know the importance of time and efficiency. In this fast world, clients are looking for companies that not only offer the best cleaning services but the quickest and the most efficient too. Hence, taking your cleaning business online has become extremely important. However, merely having a website that explains your services is not enough. It should also be possible for clients to make bookings for cleaning services, receive bills, make payments and provide reviews through the website or app. Codevian Technologies is a developing and designing company that can create a reliable software for your cleaning business.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Business Software

One of the advantages of hiring us for the job is that we would be able to customize a commercial cleaning business software as per the needs of your business. In other words, your website or application would stand out and not mirror the ones of your competitors.

commercial cleaning business software

Easy Access

With your presence on the web, your business would be easily accessible to corporate companies who are looking for solutions to save time and money. The software would make it possible for clients to check out your services and make the booking as per their convenience, in no time. In the same way, you as a business owner would have all the information you need about your clients and their bookings without having the need to rely on anyone else. You would also be able to track your workers and the progress of their work easily.

commercial cleaning business software

Track Your Payments Easily

Gone are the days when you have to spend time in making invoices and sending them to your clients. The software generates an invoice automatically and send it to your clients through email or SMS. You can also provide your clients with an option to pay online. It is also possible to setup a prepaid option for your services, if needed.

commercial cleaning business software

Stay Ahead of Competition

When your business or service is available to your clients online, you gather an edge over your competitors. Things that are usually done manually,get done digitally, thus saving your time. Also, you cut down on paperwork completely, which not only saves time but also preventsmanual mistakes. Moreover, all the information you need about your workers, clients, work reports, etc. are found under one roof. In short, you do not have to spend time searching for information and can focus more on your business and getting more work done.

commercial cleaning business software

work processes

Codevian Technologies know the importance of commercial cleaning business software for
those who provide cleaning services to industries and corporate sectors. Most of the companies
prefer to have the best cleaning services. It should also be quick and efficient as well. Hence
taking the cleaning business to an online platform is the best way. Codevian technologies build software for these kinds of cleaning businesses.