Codevian’s Engagement Models

At Codevian one can choose from different kinds of engagement models and an individual must select the one that is most suitable to them, based on various business requirements, financial and logistical considerations.

Engagement Model

We offer highly flexible and customized engagement models to ensure the success and growth of your product. We offer project based, hourly and dedicated team based engagement models to choose from. Ensuring customer satisfaction and transparency throughout our engagement with each of the project.

Fixed Price Project

If the scope and cost is fixed, Let’s use this model!!. Provide us with the specific requirements clearly in written format to get started and pay as per the milestones defined. We provide milestone-wise delivery schedules. Consider it as one of the most effective and convenient models to cut down on your costs and stay within budget.

Time and Material Model

For a project that has a constantly-evolving scope and constantly-changing requirements, our Time & Material model is perfect.
Pay as per the actual man-hours used in developing the project. The cost depends on the total execution time of the project and the number of resources deployed

Dedicated Time Model

hire dedicated web developers, web designers, mobile application developers. Just for the development purpose and keep the task and project management in-house. You simply need to pay a fixed monthly fee for each resource that you use.

Flexible 3 options:
  1. Full time
  2.  Part Time
  3.  Hourly