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Hire Dedicated Web Designers in India

The web designers at Codevian Technologies have the training and experience of developing websites that are both SEO friendly and user-friendly. Hire our talented designers for any time frame, be it part time or full time.
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Hire the Best Website Designers

The key to have a good website is to hire web designers that are right for your business requirements and needs. A good website designer has the power of creating attractive and highly functional website for the users. As the importance of finding the right web designer is high, companies spend lot of time, money and resources doing the same. However, with Codevian Technologies you can save on all these accounts. We are a design and development company that develops and designs state-of-the-art websites and applications for various industry verticals.

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Lowers the effort and resources spent on hiring web designers for your specific needs.

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Enterprise does not have to spend time on screening the talent. We offer you expert web designers as per the requirement for your project.

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We offer the best tools and technologies for project development saving you precious time and cost.

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Hiring a designer gives enterprises more control and customizations over the projects.

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Dedicated designer for your project.

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Get reliable, hard-working and deadline oriented web designers as compared to freelancers.

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Key benefits and technical skills provided when you hire web designers from us.

Intuitive and flow centric website designs

Coding expertise in HTML5 and CSS3

Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator

JavaScript and AJAX skills

Excellent front-end coding techniques

Responsive development skills

Our Structured Hiring Process

Here are the steps that we follow to ensure that you are provided with the right web designer who fits your requirements.


Your Needs






Hire the Designer

Hire Web Designer
Hire Web Designer
Hire Web Designer
Hire Web Designer

You come up with your idea and provide us with the requirements.

Our team of experts analyze your requirements and formulate a plan.

We provide you with the details of the plan, the terms and conditions as well as the timelines.

Once all the details are ironed out, you are provided with the website designer who has the expertise and experience of designing a website that fits your demands.

Basically, Codevian Technologies makes it easy to hire website designers who create high quality, engaging websites which would surely attract more traffic and revenue.

Why hire web designers from Codevian?

The main aim of our web designers is to create websites that are instinctive and responsive. Be it building a website from scratch or making your old website more responsive and robust, our designers would find the right solution for you.

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Skilled Designers

Our web designers are adept in using all the latest tools and techniques for creating the best website. Our designers have specialized knowledge of WordPress, Joomla, HTML5, Magneto, Flex, Shopify, Drupal, etc.
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Multiple Devices

With increasing number of people relying on their phones and tablets to access the internet, having only a good website that you can access on your laptop or personal computer is not enough. Hence, we design websites that can run flawlessly through different kinds of devices and operating systems.
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Dedicated Team

Once you choose us for your web designing, we would assign you a dedicated web designer or a team of web designers (if the need arises) who would work exclusively on your project until completion.
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Best Tools and Techniques

Our skilled designers also bring the latest tools  and technologies required to create cutting-edge websites. In short, you do not have to spend money in getting the latest tools or technologies for designing websites.
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Save Screening Time

When you hire with us, all you need to do is provide us with the requirements of your project. We will find you a designer amongst our pool of talent who would fulfil your requirement perfectly. This way you can save your precious time.
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Regular Updates

We would provide you with regular updates about the progress of your project. In other words, we would keep you in loop about what is happening with the design of your website. We make sure that you have maximum control over the project.

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