Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

Mobile app development is influenced by the progress and advancement in engineering. The emerging technologies help businesses providing them with the vision to prosper in the years that are upcoming and grow. New technology keeps the user thinking about installing new mobile applications, such as communication programs, cameras, games and much more. They like using the features that are exciting and leveraged by the progress in technology.

Mobile application development companies maintain introductory advanced options and upgrades to continue to keep users engaged. With the growing technological advancement, every single competent mobile app development companies in Pune and also all over the globe have decided to build programs which make living simpler, easier, easier, and more efficient. The mobile app development agency has gained the maximum firm from the world and it is rising while the entire world’s largest industry market with almost 98 billion mobile app downloads projected in 2020.

The amount of app downloads is predicted to grow with all the years moving ahead. The projection of mobile app downloads has made it imperative for each business to incorporate the usage of the cell program for their growth and wealth at the upcoming moments. Bearing this in mind, an increasing number of mobile application development organizations are currently investing to create programs. The post aims to discuss important technologies among app growth companies. The following are the biggest trending mobile app development areas to expect in 2020 and ahead.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality apps are increasingly dominating the mobile app trends in 2019 and expected to further increase in the upcoming years. This ends in the conversion of this manner of interaction among applications and consumers found inside their telephones.


According to Digi-Capital report,” AR (mobile AR, smart glasses) could top a half thousand installed foundation and $70 billion to $75 billion earnings from 2023. VR (mobile, standalone, console, PC) could deliver above 30 million put in the foundation and $10 billion to $15 billion in earnings in an identical period

Have a deeper glance in mobile p app development trends that are AR/VR we can state that this technology is popular at a gaming app and there are other uses also, like real estate adventures, travel, and wearables.

We assume the AR/VR tendencies in app development businesses to be raised soon. This, as an outcome, leads to an application user-experience capable of offering an increased level of expertise or leisure.

Cloud-based apps

Cloud-based Apps are becoming trendy in mobile app service providers. That could be as a result of these increased advantages with cloud technology. Some of these include effectiveness, reduced internet hosting, and operational charge, greater productivity, scalable infrastructure, and expandable storage.


By fetching the information straight from your cloud, the internal memory loading process decreases. For that reason, these apps making the user’s practical knowledge improved. Furthermore, different mobile development platforms are readily worked with cloud-based programs.

As stated by Gartner, Inc., the global people services marketplace is predicted to rise 17% in 20 20 to overall $266.4 billion up from $227.8 billion in 2019. As stated by Forrester’s 10 cloud-computing Predictions, 10 Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft will catch 76 % of most cloud system earnings from 2018, expanding into 80 % by 2020. One of those well-known programs with cloud computing systems comprise drop-box, Google-Drive, Box, etc.

Big Data

Big Data architecture is in trend among the mobile program growth businesses. Further, the use of big info is revolutionizing the program development and user expertise. Many app development companies are currently leveraging enormous data within their apps to increase user experience. Additionally, with all the incorporation of data, vendors are still making a much greater experience for buyers. We imagine an immense elevation in applying data that is big in their app development projects all over the planet by several top mobile app growth businesses.

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, & Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has become easily the most widely used trend in the 10 years. It enables The-World becoming smarter using many different improvements from technology. Artificial-intelligence is supporting industries getting nearer with their customers whereas customers, on the other hand, like the easy and improved mobile experience.

Promotes increasingly more and much more program growth organizations to function The use of Artificial Chatbots in company industries, & Intelligence, Deep Studying Their customers alter their encounter.

Blockchain and Crypto Currencies

Blockchain stores data about monetary transactions. It is a pretty reliable way of storing data about other types of transactions. Blockchain technology stores data about property exchange, supply chain, and more.

The latest poll by Professional services system Deloitte announced 1000 organizations throughout seven states are willing to incorporate blockchain into their organization functions. The survey found that 34 % had been having a Blockchain system in manufacturing, and whereas another 4 1% likely to deploy a blockchain application. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been expecting to rise in the upcoming years. This technology could grow into the extent that nearly all of the commerce finance by 2025 will leverage blockchain.


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