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Why Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that allows you to executes JavaScript code without a browser. Javascript is a programming language that optimally reuses developers’ resources.


Node JS Development

Node.js has a real-time application with I/O that requires speed and scalability. It enjoys an extraordinary feature and is light in weight. The WebSocket allows two-way communication between client and server, which makes easy and rapid to build real-time apps.

Sky High Performance

Node JS Development

Node.js is multitasking as it does not queue them, and concurrently process them in one thread. V8 is the fastest Javascript engine that is used in Google Chrome, and as Google has developed node.js so, the performance will be impeccable and outstanding.

Highly Scalable

Node JS Development

Node.js is an event-driven model that stands out different from rest in scaling a bit better. It is single-threaded and asynchronous which enhances scalability, and performance of applications. Moreover, using it for microservice is a great choice.

Long Term Support

Node JS Development

Long-term support is must need in this technological era that is ever-changing as well as evolving. With time and again, technology has proven to be transforming and always bringing new technology that becomes developers-friendly and delivering

Node.js is popular because of its
myriad of features !

Node JS Development

Open Source

Node JS Development

Event Driven

Node JS Development

Ajax & Json
Development Stack

Node JS Development

Built on Google V8
javascript engine

Node JS Development

Cloud Scalability

Node JS Development


Node JS Development


Node JS Development

Strong Node.js
Community Support

Node JS Development

with both
Browser & Server

Node JS Development

Supported by IBM,
Microsoft and Intel

Node.js Lifecycle Method

Node JS Development

Deliver an application that adds real business
and user value, with ELEKS

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Node JS Development


hirseat is a basically hiring/recruting platform. It is an open platform for Recruiters to prove they are the best

Taxi Bueno is a leading global travel booking site, a place where people are able to plan and book travel at the best prices.

Node JS Development
Node JS Development


Indybuild is a social networking platform which connects artists with their fans.

Codevian’s Node.Js Development Services

Node.js web Development

Node JS Development

If you are looking forward to developing your business website that looks amazing, very easy-to-use and has all the features that your enterprise offers, then Biztech is the Node.js development company you must choose. We build feature-rich attractive websites with this technology.

Node.js API Development

Node JS Development

With our specialisation into various technologies, we can use Node.JS along with MongoDB to develop and integrate an API for your web applications. We also help you to connect it with your other diverse business services.

Node.js Web Application Development

Node JS Development

Node.js is an ideal technology when it comes to developing real-time web applications with the help of event-based servers. Our Node.js development services help you build your next real-time application that works with utmost efficiency and perfection.

Node.js Plugin Development

Node JS Development

Push the limits of your existing website based in Node.js. Biztech is a one stop Node.js development company that can also develop Node.js plugins for your website. Our custom plugin development services offer you exact functionality.

Node.js Mobile App Development

Node JS Development

We design and develop modern, feature-rich web-based applications using Node.js. Use its time to optimize the power of leading server side javascript technology for your apps! Our mobile application services emphasizes more on high-end UX and UI.

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