Hire a team of motivated developers and programmers who are committed to their work. With new ideas and a talent pool, they will take your project to a new level. Hire Codevian for staff augmentation services as we help to build your dedicated team with cost-effective models. Our resource as a service will help you meet your goals. 

Why use codevian for Staff augmentation:-

Control over the teamIP protectionCustom hiring model
Join forces with a reputable technology providerCreate a productive partnershipSign a win-win agreement


Technology is witnessing changes and innovations with every rising sun. Due to business complexity, an IT organization’s requirements are always evolving. Having the ideal team size and the talent pool is crucial for any project to succeed. Sometimes it is necessary to expand the team with individuals who are the absolute best fit for the position as the project moves forward. Our IT staff augmentation services speed up your project and give your team the qualified skills they need to finish the project on time. We understand the staffing meaning from its core.

Codevian is a reputable organization with a strong clientele base and is one of the leading service providers in the IT staffing industry. With an understanding of numerous platforms and technologies, Codevian competence in application development has aided in the empowering of people across various business sectors. 

With years of expertise in meeting the business demands of different industries, we have established ourselves as one of the leading nearshore staff augmentation service providers. Codevian offers our clients the finest method to meet their hiring needs thanks to a team of highly qualified and experienced technical recruiters.

We work as local team members and attend your regular meetings. We also create a collaborative environment and work closely with your product managers, proving to be a true competitive benefit for your company. The team augmentation has big plans to meet your goals.



We analyze with our excellent resources, your requirements and come up with a talent pool of candidates that matches it up.


Our experts conduct interviews with candidates who match your needs and this allows you to choose the right candidate.


As a part of our service level agreement, we establish the agreed-upon service. To start working on the project, we establish two-way communication between you and the developers on our side.

Smart delegation of responsibilities for both parties

Making the project successful requires the combined efforts of the client and the developers. Neither one of them has been given the same responsibilities for carrying out the necessary business functions and accomplishing the set objectives.

Comprehensive planning and preparation with total transparency.Infrastructure that is standard across the board for the entire team.The customer is the sole manager of all resources.Project adjustments and growth as needed.Daily/weekly stand-up meetings and progress reports.Provide the client team with technical skills and understanding.Making certain that all regulations, laws, and other criteria are followed.Continual improvements based on input at the time.Providing comprehensive start-to-finish specificationsAddressing the goals and objectives of the companyCreating a roadmap, strategy, and project life cycleIntroducing their preferred platforms and technologies to the development teamProviding prompt input on every project-related subjectTaking the initiative to adopt changes and make improvements

What do you get?

An outsourcing strategy used to staff a project and respond to the business outcome is called staff augmentation. The staff augmentation service involves evaluating the current employee and available resources, then determining whether additional capabilities are crucial for the project. According to the needs, new workers will be hired on a contract basis for that particular project or existing staff will receive corporate training for the new abilities. 

Codevian, one of the top staff augmentation firms, evaluates the available resources before offering staffing solutions for hiring temporary employees to carry out a specific task within a business. The hiring of additional workers has been rising daily as a result of the collaboration model’s success in boosting productivity while reducing profit margins for businesses which is for both Short-term staff augmentation and long-term staff augmentation.

Codevian has satisfying answers to  Why staff augmentation and what is staff augmentation. We understand the real staff augmentation benefits. Choosing a company with a good staff augmentation process helps you to overcome your problems and come up with a solution that meets your requirements as well as organizational goals.

The right approach for assembling a technical team that is highly effective and productive for any project.Hassle-free project execution with sufficient resources available at all times.Monitoring the efficiency of additional resources to ensure a 100 percent return on investment.Implicit repair for problems with administration and resource attrition management.Insured 100% security of the project including all the technology and code.

Advantages of IT staff augmentation

Our Outsourcing tasks to IT staff augmentation businesses are cost-effective because it lowers operational costs and reduces additional fees for expanding your expert team. The concept of team development is effectively feasible with significantly less strict financial constraints. With staff augmentation, your organization would save money on choosing and hiring an IT professional with a talent pool. For cost-effective development, you can hire a development team.

Staff augmentation allows hiring more millennials who have received intense skill development. The techniques that staff augmentation candidates bring to the table are distinctive and advantageous because they frequently focus on a specific topic and do service level agreements. Additionally, staff augmentation services enable businesses to work with professionals who can contribute their skills for a brief project.

Flexible hiring enables businesses to test new business ventures without having to commit to a full-time workforce. Businesses frequently want to expand to take advantage of the current market conditions. Staff augmentation provides additional opportunities for businesses wishing to expand by enabling them to hire employees on a project-by-project basis to assess their acceptance in the target markets with excellent resources.

We add qualified individuals to our team at the peak of their careers and confidently delegate duties and projects. Delegate tasks and projects as needed, and an enhanced staff member or team will be able to produce the outcomes you require quickly. A seasoned expert contributes his own extensive and full-fledged resource pool skill set to your project, freeing up your time so you may concentrate on the big picture. 

Your company can offer a wider range of services and superior solutions because of a skilled and experienced workforce. Codevian gives timely recommendations to the clients for optimum utilization of resources for better ROI.

Everything is transparent and secured. Since they will be collaborating with their internal staff, it enables businesses to keep an eye on the progress of their temporary employees. Security is also ensured by the non-disclosure agreement.

Staff augmentation vs Project outsourcing

Staff augmentationProject outsourcing
Ideal for meeting up the timelines for projects.It gives leverage for the limited commitments from vendors.Resources are managed by the company.Leverages the existing capabilities.Knowledge vested in the individual.No obligation to document.Cost tied to the number of hours worked.Easy integration with internal processesCost-effective for long-term projects.Commitments according to the scope of the project.Resources are managed by the vendors.Overcomes the lack of internal capability.Knowledge must be documented and transferable.Contractually obligated to document knowledgeCost tied to the outcome.Integration with internal processes may require some effort.


  1. How does staff augmentation work?

The process of staff augmentation is quite straightforward. Your in-house team members carry out their everyday responsibilities while receiving remote support from an augmented team to help with a growing burden or monotonous jobs.

  1. Which method of staff augmentation is most effective?

The three forms of engagement include remote consulting, on-site consulting, and individual or group specialists. Utilizing a hybrid approach that incorporates all three forms of involvement is the final choice.

  1. How can I identify a reputable staff augmentation company?
  1. When is the right time to choose the staff augmentation?