Top iOS 13 Features You Need to Know

Apple has always surprised users with out of the box features that enable an amazing experience. This time again, it’s all set to thrill the users with the latest iOS 13 which has some of the most incredible features. In this article, we are going to share the top iOS 13 features that will surely amaze you.

Apple users are in for a treat because iOS 13 is all set to deliver incredible functionality. Its new features will be compatible with all the latest versions of iPhone and even iPhone 6S. Let’s take a look at the incredible

Incredible Photos with editing Tools

Photos and selfies have become a trend and that’s why iOS 13 will deliver incredible photo editing tools. Such editing tools are amazing because they will help in refining not just your photos but videos too. This is an excellent functionality for those who do not want to use separate photo editing and video editing applications.

By using the latest photo editing tools, you can rotate the video and pictures, add effects and filters and make them more pleasant. Pick up the tools which you want and fine tune the images and videos by adding shadows, highlights, contrasts and brightness. What’s most exciting about the editing tools is that you can add an extra professional touch by using the noise reduction feature. Get ready to revamp your pictures because we are sure that this editing tool feature is surely going to amaze you.

Quick Keyboard

Having an easy to use keyboard is amazing, isn’t it? Apple surely understands its customer’s requirement and this is why it has added an amazing feature to iOS 13 which is the quick keyboard. You can type easily using this “Quick Path Keyboard” as it enables you to swipe smoothly as you type.

By including this feature, Apple has ensured that it’s users have a good time while typing without depending upon any third party applications which enable better typing.

Apple has offered this incredible swipe type functionality in the latest iOS 13 and this is truly a unique feature that is going to be useful for a lot of people.

Track Your Fitness & Stay Healthy

iOS 13 is equipped with the overall health and fitness app which is a prominent feature of Apple. The app is definitely useful for everyone but especially those who are health conscious. It will give you a complete summary that will help you to tracking your fitness goals and leading a healthier life.

Siri Got Even Better

Siri has been updated for the latest iOS 13 and it’s surely going to be a favorite of all the Apple fans once again. Siri is going to be better than before because now it’s going to have an amazing human like voice not just something robotic. The best part is this- Apple would offer an Indian English Voice to Siri, just for its Indian customers.

Improved Reminder App

iOS 13 has cleared the issues of Apple users by offering a new, improved reminders app. Earlier there was a difficulty in using the reminders app because of the confusing interface but Apple has removed this difficulty that users had been facing. It has launched an incredible reminders app which is enhanced and is extremely easy to operate.

So these were some of the top features that you are about to witness in iOS 13. We hope you are as thrilled and excited as we are for all of these!

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