Latest Trends in iOS development 2019: Here’s what You Can Expect this Year

Mobile app development has been constantly changing and improving. It’s not a surprise that iOS development trends will keep changing and enhancing. The developers have to be alert and always keep themselves updated regarding the latest trends in ios development.

In this post, Codevian Technologies is going to share the latest trends in ios development for 2019. This is surely going to be a knowledgeable and informative guide for all the app developers out there.

Latest trends in iOS development for 2019

Swift Programming progressing fast

Swift, the official language of apple forms the base of iOS app development. This language has been used by hundreds and thousands of iOS developers for creating visually stunning apps. The popularity of this language is due to its efficiency. But apart from this, Swift language is excellent because of its flexibility and scalability.

The latest advancement in Swift is the updated version which was launched in April 2019. This stable version is going to be extremely helpful for iOS developers in the coming months and even years.

Add-ons to this version include testing integer multiples, removing subsequences, escaping raw strings and much more.

Enhancement of Core Machine Learning

This is another trend which is seen in 2019 towards iOS development. Core Machine Learning is highly useful for the iOS developers.

Core ML is highly capable when it comes to offering better communication with the iOS devices. This technology is by far one of the most successful ones in the world of iOS. It has been extremely useful for face detection purposes.

Core ML gives the developers more tools at his usage because it offers certain domain specific functionalities. The performance of Core Machine Learning gets enhanced and optimized when its implemented on certain other devices. Not just this, Core ML is going to be in trend because it offers more security towards privacy of data user.

What to Expect: Top Latest Trends in ios Development For 2019

Apart from the above to advancements in trends, iOS development is going to notice more changes in 2019. The Augmented and Virtual Realities are going to be joined, which would result in a more robust development for the iOS platform.

The cloud based iOS apps are another potential trend which can be witnessed in this year. Apple has already recognized the high potential of cloud towards data storage. This means, Apple is going to leave nothing behind and make some extremely beneficial advancements in its technology.

iOS apps are surely going to see a boom along with an upward growth curve. Apple is all set to offer an extremely amazing user experience and such latest trends in ios development 2019 are a step towards it.

Apple has ensured to offer better developer support and more chances of revenue potential through iOS development. Due to this, every business is willing to have their app on this platform and benefit in the long run.

So, Codevian Technologies would recommend you to keep a check on the latest happenings and trends in iOS development because a high number of users are present on this platform, which means more customers for your business.

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