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Choose the Best Web Design Company in Pune

 Choose the Best Web Design Company in Pune
Website development and designing go hand in hand. While the web developer makes sure that your website is robust and secure, it is the responsibility of the web designed to ensure that it has aesthetic appeal. As the designer and developer have to work together, it would be best to look for a company that offers both the services. Codevian Technologies is both a web development and web design company in Pune. We have qualified and experienced web designers, who work towards providing customers great looking, user-friendly websites.

  • Custom web development
  • Customer Relationship Mangement
  • Third-party Integration
  • Workflow Management
  • Enterprise Web development
  • E-commerce,B2B & B2C
  • Custom Business application
  • Cloud solution

web design company in pune


web design company in pune


web design company in pune


Our Web Designing Services

In order for a website to be successful, it needs to attract people and convert leads into sales. While web developers can give you a website with a strong framework, it is the web designers who see to it that the website looks good, is functional and attracts the right kind of traffic.

web design company in pune

Graphics Designing

Graphics include everything the colours to the images and videos used on the website. The web designer is a creative person who knows how everything would look together. Our web designers use graphical elements to match the image of your business or brand by using tools like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

web design company in pune

Template Design

While you may have a vision about the look and feel of your website, it is the web designer who would bring it to fruition. A creative web designer would help you to choose the right template that fits with the requirements and needs of your business.

web design company in pune

User Experience

If your website is nice to look at but difficult to access for the user, he or she would not stay for a long time. This would reduce sales and revenue as well. It is the job of the web designer to provide the user with a seamless structure that is intuitive and at the same time easy to use.

web design company in pune

Responsive Website

Our web designers along with our web developers work towards creating responsive websites, so that users can have a good user experience, regardless of the device they are using. Our websites run well on all kinds of devices, be it a desktop, mobile or a tablet.

web design company in pune

Type of Design

Web designers at Codevian know what type of design would work for a particular website or business. While some would need dynamic designs, for some others static design would be the best. Our web designers can even blend the two, if they feel it would benefit the website and the business.

web design company in pune


Descrimination glassdoor Website for adding companies information,its related reviews, ratings to make it known publically.


Website for mountain bike enthusiasts to get information about bikes and reviews

web design company in pune
web design company in pune

Racetrack Booking

Racetrack booking website where customers can choose a location and book a track for the day on it.

Our Web Development Process

We follow a transparent web development process. You would keep you updated about the project on a regular basis.
Knowing: The first step is to know about our customers, the business and their expectations. This helps us to build an image of the website we have to develop.

web design company in pune
web design company in pune


The next step is to make a plan. This includes deciding the look of the website, the framework or platform to be used, the features and functions to be included, etc.

web design company in pune
web design company in pune


Before starting the actual work, we work on mock-ups to know what would work efficiently in all kinds of devices and operating systems. This helps us to a create a practical and the most successful solution.

web design company in pune
web design company in pune


This is the main part of the process where our developers create code and design the website as decided. The website also goes through several quality checks, testing and debugging. All bugs are fixed before it goes live.

web design company in pune
web design company in pune


Once everything is ready and the website is reviewed by the client, it goes live. We make sure that website is deployed before the pre-decided time limit ends.

web design company in pune


Our work does not end with the launch of the website. On the other hand, we also offer maintenance, problem-fixing and update services so that your website always remains on the top.

Right from MVC Expertise to customized solutions, Codevian has everything that makes us the best in developing Codeigniter based applications.

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