Which JavaScript is best for applications: AngularJS, ReactJS or NodeJS?

The trend for programming languages in 2019 have shown a great inclination towards frontend development. There are ample of Javascript frameworks which are rocking the world of web development.

Web development companies use different kind of frameworks but javascript has been the most preferred till now. It’s a common question which most people have in mind that is, AngularJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS which one is best among these three?

The answer is what purpose they are being used for. All of these frameworks have are different but if a developer has knowledge of each then that’s surely a big deal because these frameworks have been used for designing some of the biggest web projects till now.

Each has its pros and drawbacks and this gives a solid reason to choose a framework very carefully. Let’s take a look at the 3 best Javascript frameworks for 2019 so that you can decide which among them is ideal for your web applications project.


If you are looking for the perfect structural framework that can help in creating dynamic applications, then AngularJS is ideal framework. It’s easy to avoid situations where everything becomes unmanageable, thanks to AngularJS which allows data binding.

This open source framework makes everything manageable and that’s why the applications turn out brilliant. Among the many benefits of this framework, the prime ones are simpler testing, less coding requirement, amazing data binding and and flexibility.

AngularJS is ideal framework for designing big apps because it gives a lot of flexibility along with faster development.


Which JavaScript is best for applications: AngularJS, ReactJS or NodeJS?

react js for web application development

ReactJS is a superb JavaScript framework which is highly useful because of its speed and simplicity. It’s ideal for those application which consume data in large amounts. Its fast, reliable and simple to use.

ReactJS allows you to reuse the components which is another reason why so many developers prefer this framework. It delivers high performance when compared to several other JavaScript networks.

Although it does require a learning curve but still it’s one of the most sought after and reliable JavaScript framework.


Which JavaScript is best for applications: AngularJS, ReactJS or NodeJS?

node.js 12 web application development

Among the various Javascript framworks, NodeJS has been one of the most useful and preferred frameworks and there are ample reasons for this. It assists in managing several connections at a single time, simplifies complex applications, and it’s actually easy to understand and learn.


The runtime of NodeJs is quick and its really fast and lightweight framework. When talking about the drawbacks, one has to remember that NodeJS suffers nested callbacks and is not scalable.

So AngularJS ReactJS and NodeJs which one is best?

Each of these 3 frameworks is competent and delivers high performance. But the selection of a framework is dependent upon several factors related to the web application for which these frameworks have to used.

The factors or parameters worth considering before choosing a framework include size, features, results and even more. The end result or the web application matters the most. But if it has to be user friendly and deliver high performance, then choosing the right JavaScript framework becomes really necessary.

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