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The world of web and mobile application development is ever evolving. Every year, new technologies arrive and take the place of the new ones. Development and designing companies are always on the lookout for new tools and technologies that would give them the advantage over their competitors. One of the current favourite technologies in the world of development is AngularJS. Part of JavaScript, the reason for developers preferring AngularJS for web and mobile app development is because it can help to build robust apps that have high engaging and aesthetic value.

Angularjs Development Company

Web Application Development

Angularjs Development Company

Api Development

Angularjs Development Company

Realtime App Soultion

Angularjs Development Company

Single Page App Development

Angularjs Development Company

UI/UX Development

Angularjs Development Company

Dashboard Development

Angularjs Development Company


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Why Choose Codevian’s AngularJS Services

Codevian Technologies is a premier web and mobile development company that offers AngularJS development services. We use this open-source, front-end JavaScript framework to build websites that are robust and at the same time dynamic and readable. One of the most important reasons to use AngularJS is that it is easy and quick to develop.

Angularjs Development Company

End-to-End Solutions

Our developers are experts in developing AngularJS based web and mobile applications from scratch. However, that is not the only thing we do. In fact, we also offer customization, migration, upgrade, support and maintenance services.

Angularjs Development Company

Experienced Developers

Our web developers have the experience and expertise of using AngularJS for building web and mobile applications. Right from determining whether your business would benefit from AngularJS application to actually launching one, our developers would provide you with a flawless application that is apt for your business and built on MVC or Model View Controller module.

Angularjs Development Company

Customized Applications

We realize that all businesses are different and there can never be a one-fit-suits-all when it comes to web and mobile applications. Our app developers use their skills, knowledge and creativity to provide innovative and unique applications that would benefit your users as well as your business.

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Codevian’s Work Process

Not only do we have a team of experienced AngularJS developers but also a simple and transparent development phase. This ensures that all our projects are completed on time. We believe in honesty and transparency and hence keep our clients up to date about every new stage of the project. At the end of the deadline, you would have a fully-functional, feature-rich application that would definitely attract your target audience.

Angularjs Development Company


The first step of our work process is understanding your idea or concept as well as your business. We spend time in conducting in-depth research so that we have a complete understanding about what we are getting into. We would conduct several meetings with to clarify all the doubts and questions.

Angularjs Development Company


The planning stage is where we decide about the basics of the web or mobile application. Right from the look and feel of the application to the UI/UX design, everything is decided at the stage. Wire framing and prototyping are done before the actual work starts.

Angularjs Development Company


Our web designers work on the graphic and visual components of the application. They design everything from the colours to the images or videos to be used on application. The designers ensure that the look of the app matches that of your brand or business.

Angularjs Development Company


This is where the actual development process happens. The developers write the code to create a full-fledged app where the algorithms and functional elements integrate with the UI or User Interface.

Angularjs Development Company

Quality Check

Every app goes through a thorough quality check to remove bugs or any other glitches. Security audit is also done to ensure that the application is safe and secure.

Angularjs Development Company


Once the app is ready, the client sees the first draft, after which the app is launched. If the client has any suggestions, the app goes live after changes are made according to the suggestions.

Angularjs Development Company


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Angularjs Development Company
Angularjs Development Company


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