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Engagement Models in Software Development That Precisely Match Your Needs 

We offer 5 engagement models designed to meet your diverse project needs and preferences. From fixed pricing to flexible time-based models, our engagement options ensure tailored solutions and successful collaborations for your projects.

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Fixed Price Model

With our Fixed Price Model, you receive a predefined cost for the whole scope of your project, giving you budget certainty and simplifying planning. We adhere to your requirements and guarantee the timely delivery of excellent outcomes.


Choose Fixed Price Model if

Choose the Time and Materials Model if

Time and Materials Model

Embrace flexibility and adaptability with our Time and Materials Model, which is ideal for evolving projects. You have to pay developers for the actual work they put in while keeping transparency and the flexibility to scale as necessary.


Dedicated Time Model

With our Dedicated Time Model, you can maximise control and resource allocation. We give you exclusive access to our top-notch developers as your extended team. With our specialists working on just your project, you can make steady progress.


Choose Fixed Price Model if

Choose Fixed Price Model if

Milestone Billing Model

Our milestone billing model ensures progress-driven payments and project accountability. By working together, we can guarantee that each milestone is reached before the subsequent payment, ensuring consistent progress towards your objectives.


Custom Hybrid Model

We are aware that every organisation may have particular needs that don’t necessarily fit into one billing model. With the help of our custom or hybrid engagement models, you can design a unique collaboration strategy that combines the best elements of your necessary model for an improved development process.


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Our Delivery Models

To ensure the efficient integration of our skilled developers into your workflow, we provide flexible delivery models tailored to your specific project needs. We can meet your requirements whether you require an on-site team, off-site collaboration, or a mix of both.

Onsite Development Model

Offshore Development Model

Onsite + Offsite Development model

Onsite + Offsite Development model

ODC Model (BOT)

You can hire our onsite developers who effortlessly fit into your team, ensuring close collaboration and on-the-spot problem-solving. Our in-house developers give your projects rapid insights and support a successful and harmonious work atmosphere.

  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Hands-On Management 
  • Direct communication and collaboration

Our offshore business model provides a cost-effective solution for companies looking for qualified developers while lowering overhead costs. Hire our offshore developers who collaborate remotely to provide excellent services, with a focus on effective project management and smooth communication.

  • Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Development
  • High Flexibility 

Our hybrid engagement model blends the best of both worlds — onsite and offsite, which allows you to tap into local expertise while benefiting from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of remote developers. It is a flexible solution for full project execution, from the planning stage to deployment.

  • Reduced Development Time
  • Risk Mitigation
  • High Flexibility

Offshore Development Center (ODC) or build-operate-transfer (BOT) model provides a dedicated development centre equipped with modern infrastructure and a skilled team of developers. We set up and run the centre, letting you concentrate on your main line of business. You have the choice to smoothly transition the operational components of your project to your company as it evolves, keeping the established knowledge and qualified workforce.

  • Full Team Control
  • Long-term Collaboration
  • Specific skill sets

Our hybrid or custom engagement model is created to meet the needs and preferences of the project you are working on. This model offers the ideal blend of resources, communication methods, and project management techniques for efficient software development,  adjusting to the particular needs of your organisation.

  • Tailored solutions
  • Proejct specific team 
  • Optimized resources

What Benefits do You Get by hiring our Developers?

Gain a competitive advantage by bringing aboard our dedicated team of developers who brings value to the table.  You’ll instantly notice how our developers’ collaborative spirit melds perfectly with your team, bringing knowledge, reliability, and quicker project success.

Keep track of the process with Transparent Progress Tracking

Get full control over the team

Augment your team with a wider range of flexible engagement models

Save Money with cost-effective solutions and low per-hourly costs

Tap into the diverse international talent pool

Deliver IT projects fast and successfully

Nurture your team with our Developers' expertise

Diverse Expertise of Our Developers Across Various Technology Areas

We have a diverse team of developers with a wide range of technological expertise, making sure we have the correct professionals for your project. You can always count on us to provide you with specialised resources supported by an extensive range of competence.

Mobile App Development Projects

We can assist you with creating engaging and user-focused mobile applications that have an impact over time. From smart UI/UX design to agile development, our talented mobile app developers specialise in developing appealing mobile experiences, ensuring your app resonates with users and achieves your business objectives.





React Native


Software Development Projects

Our software development solutions, which are created by our talented developers, deliver excellence and innovation to advance your company. Our developers can help you develop software effectively and within the proposed timeframe.






Frontend development Projects

Enhance user experiences with the help of our front-end developers, who combine innovative technology and creative design to realise your goals. In order to increase engagement, our developers can design captivating user interfaces and smooth user experiences.







Backend Development Projects

The backend is one of the vital parts of efficient systems that can drive business growth. In order to create a well-rounded and high-performance application, our backend developers guarantee solid design, elegant functionality, and effective data processing.






Database Development Projects

Our skilled database developers have a thorough understanding of several database management systems, ensuring efficient data organisation, retrieval, and optimisation. Your project benefits from their knowledge in terms of a strong foundation for effective data management and improved performance.








IT Consultation & Solutions

With years of experience, our team of developers and consultants offers valuable advice on technology selections, architecture designs, and scalability considerations. Working together with our professionals will enable you to adopt cutting-edge solutions and make wise decisions that will advance your efforts.

Cloud Services

Communication Platforms

Project Management Tools

Analytics and Reporting

It’s Time to Transform Your Development Process Today.

Find Your Ideal Engagement Model by Getting in Touch with Our Team. 

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Codevian Developers’ Expertise

Our developers stand out for having great technical knowledge and a talent for creative problem-solving, resulting in customised solutions that take your projects to new heights of excellence.

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Domain Experts

Our Developers boast in-depth industry knowledge, providing tailored solutions that align with your business goals.

Skilled Tech Professionals

Our developers are skilled in the most recent tools and technologies to deliver technical brilliance to your projects.


Our developers guarantee a depth of proficiency in creating excellent solutions due to their years of real-world experience.

Agile Problem Solvers

Our developers expertly handle difficulties, quickly adapting with an agile attitude to satisfy project requirements.


Our developers smoothly blend into your workflow, offering flexibility as per your preferences and evolving requirements of your project.

Excellent Communicators

Our developers have good communication skills that let them collaborate with your team naturally without any communication gap.


Our team enriches your projects with original solutions by bringing new perspectives and innovative methods to the table.


Since they are sympathetic, our developers easily blend with your team and offer a cooperative and pleasant work culture.

Positive Attitude

Our developers boost team spirit by instilling enthusiasm, which results in a vibrant, energising work atmosphere.

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