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Having challenges finding the ideal iPhone app development company? We are here to help you with a holistic mobile app development approach.

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We Build iOS App for Any Device

We’re an iPhone app development company known for crafting dynamic iOS applications & our talented iOS developers have a record of delivering award-winning apps that stand out in the App Store. Whether it’s for iPhones, iPads, Watches, or Apple TVs,  we build exceptional iOS apps for every device including IoT.




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iOS App Development Services We Offer

We take iOS app development to the next level with a diverse range of services that meet your particular needs. Our iOS developers are your trusted collaborators in creating stunning iPhone applications that boost your company’s App Store presence.

Our Organized Process

We follow agile practices right from brainstorming ideas & development to post-launch support and updates. Here’s an overview of our easy process for iOS app development. 

Brainstorming & Startgezing

In the brainstorming and strategizing phase of iOS app development, we work together with you to understand your vision, target market, and unique company needs, laying the groundwork for an effective app.

UI/UX Designing

Our UI/UX designing experts craft visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces, ensuring your iOS app not only looks great but also offers a smooth and engaging user experience, setting it apart in the market

Development & Testing

Our skilled iOS developers build and thoroughly test your app during the development phase, fixing any bugs to make sure it satisfies the highest requirements of performance, security, and usefulness.


Once your iOS app is developed, tested, and refined, our team takes it to the App Store. We take care of the technical aspects of submission, review, and approval to make sure your app is successfully launched and reaches its intended audience.

Post-Launch Support & Maintenance

We also offer post-launch support and maintenance to keep it operating without a hitch, resolving any new problems as they arise and incorporating upgrades as necessary to satisfy changing user needs.

Types of iOS Apps We Develop

We are experts in creating a wide variety of iOS apps adapted to various business types, (including B2B, B2E, and B2C), to ensure complete solutions for everyone.



















Our Tech Stack

We have a strong and flexible tech stack for developing iOS applications to provide an effortless user interface. In order to guarantee the best speed and functionality for your app, we use a variety of tools and technologies.


  • SwiftUI
  • Eventkit
  • Core Bluetooth
  • SpritekitAVfoundation
  • PhoneGap
  • Cocoapod
  • SnapKit
  • React Native
  • Flutter


  • Swifty Beaver
  • Eureka
  • Kingfisher
  • RxSwift
  • Spring
  • Realm
  • Alamofire
  • Snapkit

Programming Language

  • Swift
  • Objective-C


  • Appium
  • XCUITest
  • XCUITest
  • Calabash


  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • Core Data
  • Firebase

Industries We Serve

As a leading iPhone app development company, we offer specialised iOS solutions that advance businesses and successfully engage people across a broad spectrum of industries. Our expertise spans many fields, ensuring that every industry benefits from our innovative iOS applications.

Healthcare iOS

We create iOS apps that provide healthcare professionals with efficient patient management and telemedicine solutions.

Entertainment iOS App Development

Whether it’s through gaming, streaming, or interactive media experiences, our iOS apps bring entertainment to life.

Real Estate iOS App Development

We provide iOS applications that make it easier for real estate professionals to manage their properties and conduct virtual tours and property searches.

E-commerce iOS App Development

Our iOS apps’ easy navigation, secure transactions, and tailored shopping experiences improve the e-commerce experience.

Banking & Finance iOS App Development

We offer financial institutions iOS solutions that guarantee safe mobile banking and effective money management.

Travel & Hospitality iOS App Development

Our iOS applications improve the travel and hospitality sectors by providing booking tools, guest services, and travel management resources.

Healthcare iEducation iOS App DevelopmentOS

We assist educators with iOS apps for e-learning, classroom administration, and student engagement.

Manufacturing iOS App Development

We serve the manufacturing industry by improving the supply chain, automating processes, and increasing industrial efficiency.

Why choose us

We are an iPhone app development agency that combines a wealth of iOS app development expertise with a dedication to providing excellent & user-centric solutions.

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We always endeavour to give answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please do not be worried if you do not find the exact one as our professionals are always available to answer your questions. To contact us, please use the link given below.

How much does it cost to develop an iOS application?

The cost of iOS app development can vary widely depending on factors like complexity, features, and design. For a more accurate estimate, it’s best to discuss your specific project details with us.

Depending on the extent and complexity of the project, the schedule for iOS app development might range from a few weeks to several months. But, you don’t have to worry. During the project planning process, we will give you a specific timeframe.

Swift is the primary programming language for iOS app development, known for its efficiency and performance. Objective-C is also used for legacy projects.

The choice between Android and iOS is determined by your target audience and business objectives. iOS is popular in North America and Europe, whereas Android has a wider global reach. We can help you decide based on your business objective.

Cross-platform development involves developing mobile apps that can run on several platforms, such as iOS and Android, using a single codebase. It can be a low-cost option to reach a larger audience. We can assist you in developing cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter and React Native.

While not a straight conversion, our experienced iOS developers can assist you with creating an app for iOS, ensuring that it is available on the App Store.

At Codevian, we have a skilled team of iOS developers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality iOS apps. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring your app aligns with your business goals and user expectations.

Absolutely! You can hire our experienced iOS developers through staff augmentation to expand your development team. We offer flexible engagement models, including full-time, part-time, or project-based options, allowing you to scale your team as needed and even outsource your entire project for efficient execution.

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