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Building Dynamic and Lightweight Web Applications is Possible

Building Dynamic and Lightweight Web Applications is Possible

Angular lets you build web applications that are powerful, lightweight, fast, and highly optimized — only if you know the ins and outs of this web framework. At Codevian, we are proud of our Angular developers who are experts at what they do! With our team of top-notch Angular experts, we offer end-to-end development services that ensure exceptional quality and client satisfaction. Whether you require a new web application built from scratch, an existing one updated, or want to augment your team — our dedicated Angular developers collaborate closely with you to create customized solutions that align with your needs. Being an Angular development company in India, we make use of the newest tools and industry standards to create scalable, reliable, and effective online apps that are enhanced for usability and performance. By giving us the responsibility for your web application development requirements, you can concentrate on your main line of business while we handle the technical details. So are you ready to unleash the power of Angular?

All-in-one Angular Development Services

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Angular App Design & Development

Our Angular developer can design and build customized web applications with responsive and user-friendly interfaces that meet your specific needs. 

Single-Page Applications (SPAs) Development

For visitors to navigate between sites without refreshing the page, our developers can create SPAs that provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

PWA development with Angular

Unlock the power of Progressive Web Applications with our Angular expertise, which lets you get cross-platform experiences by combining the best of web and native applications.

Angular Consulting

Our Angular consulting experts can help you gain insights and guidance, ensuring the successful implementation and optimization of your Angular projects.

AngularJS Cross-Platform Development

Our Angular developers focus on maximizing code reusability and efficiency to make a single codebase for multiple platforms including web and mobile applications.

Integrating Third-Party API

We help you integrate third-party APIs into your Angular applications and extend their functionality & data integration for a robust user experience.

Angular Support & Maintenance

You can count on us for reliable Angular support and maintenance services which let your applications remain up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

Angular Staff Augmentation

You can augment your team with our skilled Angular developers to accelerate project delivery, increase productivity, and gain access to Angular expertise for your development needs.

Hire Angular Developers for Team Augmentation

Enhance your web application development capabilities by augmenting your team with our talented Angular Developers.

When your Angular projects demand resources, you can always count on Codevian for team augmentation services! With a talent pool of Angular developers, you can effortlessly integrate our developers into your team while we add value and expertise to your projects. Whether you need resources full-time, part-time, hourly, or on a project basis — we are always ready to increase your development capabilities and deliver optimal results (without breaking the bank!)

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Scale up or scale down your development quickly without any hassle to save money and time.

Choose our angular development outsourcing service, Our programmers collaborate with your team, bringing new insights and creative concepts to the table. We make sure that your web applications are optimised for performance, scalability, and usability by utilising the most recent technology and best practices. This lets you save funds and time. So, tell us about your development project and get a talented team of Angular developers on board. 

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Hire our Angular Developers in 5 Easy Steps


Brief Us About Your Project Requirements

Share your project details and requirements with us so we can understand your needs and then tailor our Angular development services accordingly.


Angular Developers — Assemble!

Our team of skilled Angular developers is assembled, leveraging their expertise and experience to match your project requirements and ensure a successful collaboration.


Say “Hello” to your new team

Get acquainted with our dedicated Angular developers who will work closely with you, providing updates, insights, and solutions throughout the development process.


Project Kickoffs

Once the project details are finalized, we kickstart development, following an agile approach, setting clear milestones, and ensuring effective communication for smooth project execution.


Scale Up or Scale Down

As your project evolves, we offer the flexibility to scale the team up or down based on your changing needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness throughout the project.

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Revolutionize Your App with Our Angular Expertise

Our Tech Stack for Angular

We use Angular CLI, TypeScript, RxJS, Angular Material, Bootstrap, and other cutting-edge tools and technologies in our tech stack to ensure effective development and high-performance online apps. We create scalable, responsive, and feature-rich solutions that adhere to the most recent industry standards and best practices with our carefully chosen tech stack.


  • Ionic
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Angular UI Bootstrap
  • LumX
  • UI Grid
  • Suave UI
  • Protractor


  • Nebular
  • CoreUI
  • Onsen UI
  • NG-Bootstrap
  • Clarity Design Systems
  • Ignite UI
  • NG Lightning


  • Firebase
  • MongoDB 
  • CouchDB


  • RxJS
  • npm
  • Angular CLI
  • HTML and CSS
  • TypeScript

Why Choose Us for Angular Development?

Choose us for Angular offshore development to benefit from our experience in building scalable and high-performing web applications. We provide great solutions that promote corporate growth and go above and beyond expectations because of our committed team of Angular developers, efficient development methods, and dedication to client satisfaction.

Angular Superpowers

Our top-notch dedicated Angular resources have strong competence in Angular and associated technologies. They'll incorporate the most modern methods and trends into your project for successful completion.

User-friendly Design

Our team of angular developers will surely make the user interface design outstanding and dynamic. With a deep understanding of UI/UX principles, they will make the design innovative and pleasing to the users.

Development Flexibility

Our dedicated Angular resources are flexible in their development process. They can adapt to your development requirements, timelines, and project scope changes to ensure successful project completion.

Quality Assurance

Our elite Angular developers do in-depth testing of your application to ensure the highest possible quality. If there are any potential faults, they will be found and fixed by them before they affect your users.

Ongoing Support

After your web application is launched, our dedicated Angular team provide ongoing maintenance and support. We make sure that your application is updated and that any problems are resolved effectively and promptly.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our rapid development cycles and committed staff enable us to launch your web application swiftly, saving you precious time and giving you a competitive edge —without compromising on the quality of your web app.

Why Codevian?

Unparalleled Coding Expertise & Innovation


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with diverse requirements across many industries.  


Years of Industry Experience

A portfolio of diverse apps for ecommerce, telemedicine, mobile banking, and more.


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A portfolio of diverse websites for e-commerce, telemedicine, mobile banking, and more.


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A portfolio of diverse apps for ecommerce, telemedicine, mobile banking, and more.


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Got a question regarding Angular development? We’re happy to help.

What is Angular?

Angular is led by Google and is a sophisticated JavaScript framework for creating dynamic and responsive web applications. Angular offers easy connection with other technologies, simplifies development, and improves code maintainability because of its powerful features and extensive toolkit.

Around the world, Angular is used by many different companies and developers. Large-scale online applications are frequently built using it by businesses, start-ups, and developers, including well-known organisations like Google, Upwork, Microsoft, IBM, and Forbes.

Because it offers a structured framework that assures effective development, code reuse, and improved performance, Angular is perfect for Single-Page Applications (SPAs). A seamless navigation experience and the best user experience are made possible in SPAs by Angular’s declarative syntax, data binding features, and robust routing system.

Both Angular and React are well-known JavaScript frameworks, but their methods vary. Angular is a thorough framework that offers a complete toolkit and an opinionated structure that is appropriate for large-scale applications. On the other hand, React is a compact library designed specifically for creating user interfaces. The decision to choose React or Angular is based on the preferences and requirements of your project.

You should search for someone with relevant experience, effective communication skills, and a firm grasp of your business objectives when selecting an Angular developer for your project. This procedure could take a while and be demanding. You can save time and boost productivity by augmenting your team by hiring our qualified Angular developers.


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