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IT Staff Augmentation is Easy and Efficient

In the ever-evolving world of technology, IT organisations face the challenge of keeping up with rapidly changing requirements and find it difficult to onboard technical resources in a project within the allocated time. We at Codevian can help you with IT staff augmentation services aligned with your staffing needs. 

Being an experienced IT staff augmentation company in India, we understand the importance of having the right team size and skill set to ensure project success. Our highly skilled technical recruiters work closely with you as if they are your “own” team members and create a collaborative environment. You can rely on us for superior nearshore and offshore staff augmentation services that will deliver the competitive advantage you need to achieve your goals.

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IT Staff Augmentation Challenges and How We Solve Them


Hassle-free Onboarding

Our strategic planning and recruitment expertise guarantees that we find and onboard the best staff with the appropriate training and experience required to address the unique challenges of your organisation.



Diverse Developers

We offer customised staff augmentation services by carefully matching individuals to your project’s requirements, guaranteeing smooth integration, and delivering specialised skills as per your project. 



Easy and flexible Process

We provide a one-stop solution to meet your IT staffing needs with our extensive staff augmentation services that not only save your time but also minimize your efforts in resource sourcing and management.


Data confidentiality

We place a high priority on the security and confidentiality of your projects and data, putting in place strong safeguards to ensure privacy, integrity, and defence — so you can be worry-free.


High Performing Team

Our experienced staff maintains high efficiency and good resource management, as well as maximises output and meets deadlines by keeping an eye on resources to assure top performance.


Competent Developers

Our large talent pool of competent individuals has knowledge in a variety of technologies and disciplines, allowing us to match the correct talent to your project requirements and deliver exactly what you need.

What do you get?​

IT Staff Augmentation Services from A to Z

Whether it’s software development, UI/UX design, Angular development or any other IT discipline, we provide the right talent for every stage of your IT projects from start to finish. We have a pool of highly motivated experts that can take on any IT Project — tech-related or full-cycle development. 

Mobile App Development

Empower Growth at Fingertips

Our mobile app developers help you engage with users and drive innovative, user-friendly and feature-rich mobile applications tailored to your needs.


React Native








Front-end Development

Build User-centric Experiences

With our Front-end team augmentation service, you can boost user experiences and create visually stunning interfaces for your clients.








Backend Development

Combine Functionality & Performance

Our expert back-end developers would love to collaborate with your team to deliver robust and secure back-end systems for smooth operations.







Database development

Build Strong Foundation & Manage Data with Ease

Our skilled database developers can enhance your team’s capabilities and deliver efficient and scalable database solutions tailored to your business needs.








Hey, Let's Shake Hands and Share Responsibilities Too!

The success of a project depends upon the collaborative efforts of both — you and us! By working together, we can achieve project success through effective coordination and collaboration. It’s always a two-way process for a successful outcome. 

A Person Posing

We really enjoyed working with Codevian. We found the team to be super talented and patient during the design process. I would highly recommend them for any mobile app project.

Dr Hassan, Moodit, UK

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Our Responsibilities

Facilitating knowledge transfer to the client’s team

Ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Conducting regular stand-up meetings to track progress

Providing progress reports for effective communication 

Continuous development for agile and responsive project progress

Providing a consistent infrastructure to support the team’s productivity

Ensuring a transparent setup and planning process

Offering on-demand updates to serve evolving project needs

Your Inputs

Aligning project objectives with your company’s goals.

Taking the initiative to design a thorough project life cycle

Introducing the development team to the preferred tools and platforms.

Using collective input, and a thorough list, assuring project-wide clarity.

Providing feedback on every project issue for quick decision-making.

Proactive methods to execute changes to improve outcomes.

Scale Your Business with Our Dedicated Developers

Manage remote software development for your company and expand your team with our dedicated developers who are proficient in the latest technologies. No matter what your requirements are, we consistently work to deliver the best results.

Get a team

of talented developers and domain experts

Save Funds

by scaling up or scaling down the resources

Better Control

over the designing and development process

Scale Business

and execute your projects with 100% success

Increase Productivity

by onboarding skilled professionals

Complete Projects

successfully within the given timeline

IT Staff Augmentation Process in 3 Easy Steps

You Share the Requirements

In just 2 days, we gather your specific staffing needs, project details, and skill requirements to understand your unique objectives.

Get Access to the Talent Pool

In less than a week, we provide you with a curated selection of highly skilled professionals from our talent pool who match your requirements, ensuring you have access to the right expertise.

Sign SLA & onboard experts

In a matter of days, we finalize the Service Level Agreement (SLA), handle the necessary paperwork, and facilitate a smooth onboarding process to seamlessly integrate the augmented staff into your team.

Why Choose Us?

Hire our team to leverage our expertise in IT fields. We provide a skilled workforce, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions to meet your project needs and drive success.

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Cost Effective

Our staff augmentation services offer cost-effective solutions, allowing you to expand your expert team without additional fees and optimize your resources for better ROI.

High Productivity

By tapping into our talent pool of skilled professionals, you gain access to high productivity and specialized expertise, ensuring efficient project delivery and impactful results.


We provide flexible hiring options that let you scale your workforce based on project needs and market conditions, and provide the agility and adaptability required for business growth.

Full-fledged Resource Pool

Our extensive talent pool consists of qualified individuals with diverse skill sets, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive range of services and solutions to meet your specific requirements.


With our skilled and experienced workforce, your company can expand its capabilities, offer superior services, and seize new opportunities.

High Security

We prioritize transparency, ensuring adherence to NDAs and providing a secure environment for collaboration between our professionals and your internal team.

Domain expertise

Why Choose Us?

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Speed Up Your IT Projects and Get Tangible Results

It’s the time to say goodbye to project delays and hello to success. Leverage our staff augmentation services to access top talent and drive exceptional results. 



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Staff Augmentation FAQs

We always endeavour to give answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please do not be worried if you do not find the exact one as our professionals are always available to answer your questions. To contact us, please use the link given below.

How does staff augmentation work?

The process of staff augmentation is quite straightforward. Your in-house team members carry out their everyday responsibilities while receiving remote support from an augmented team to help with a growing burden or monotonous jobs.

Startup IT services can help you turn your business idea into a viable product by providing expertise in product development, digital transformation, and ongoing support.

The process typically starts with ideation and workshop sessions to refine the idea and create a roadmap. This is followed by proof-of-concept (POC) development, prototyping, and MVP development. After launch, ongoing support and maintenance are provided to ensure the product’s success.

Startup IT services can help you conduct market research and validate your idea to determine if it has potential. They can also provide guidance on how to improve your idea to make it more viable and attractive to investors.

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the product and the scope of work. However, the typical timeframe is around 3-12 months from ideation to launch.

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