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Unparalleled Coding Expertise & Innovation


Clients Catered Globally

Clients Catered Globally

With diverse requirements across many industries. 


Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

For robust back-end and front-end development. 


Project Delivered

Project Delivered

For mobile apps, web apps, website development, and software development


Skilled Developers

Skilled Developers 

Who leverage their years of experience for innovative solutions & quick project delivery. 

Software Development Services for All Your Enterprise Needs

When it comes to software development services, having a reliable partner who excels in everything is paramount. At Codevian, we take pride in delivering exceptional software development services to startups, software companies, and enterprises across diverse industries. We help with all aspects from strategizing and developing to deployment and maintenance — and everything that comes in between. 


With a strong emphasis on quality and adherence to established software development practices, our end-to-end development services cover comprehensive business analysis, seamless software delivery, and ongoing support. Whether you require software consulting or product development, we are dedicated to meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations. 

Software Development Solutions

Custom Software Development Services

We tailor innovative software solutions that address your business challenges, providing you with scalable and efficient applications that drive growth and organize processes.

Software Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive software consulting to help you make informed decisions, optimize your IT infrastructure, and align technology solutions that match your business goals.

UI/UX Design

We design visually captivating and friendly user interfaces for outstanding user experiences that captivate your audience and increase engagement.

Web Application Development

We build robust and scalable web applications that empower your business with practical functionalities and smooth performance across all devices and browsers.

Mobile App Development Services

Our expert team develops advanced mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, delivering dynamic user experiences and expanding your reach to the mobile audience.

Software Product Development Services

We turn your ideas into market-ready software products that utilize the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver innovative and high-quality products.

Legacy System Modernization

We update your legacy systems, modernizing them with new technologies and functionalities, improving performance and security while preserving critical business data.

Software Integration Services

Our expertise in integrating diverse systems and applications will help data flow, process automation, and improve productivity across your organization.

Team Augmentation

We provide skilled and dedicated professionals to augment your existing teams, filling skill gaps and ensuring the smooth execution of your software development projects.

Our Full-cycle Development Process in 4 Easy Steps

Information Gathering and Strategizing

We begin by thoroughly understanding your requirements and business goals. We then Strategize tailored software solution that aligns with your objectives and sets a solid foundation for development.

UI and UX Designing

Our team of skilled designers create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface as per your requirements. They focus on intuitive navigation and smooth user experiences to enhance engagement and functionality.

Development and Testing

Our skilled team of expert developers bring the software to life, writing clean and efficient code. We conduct rigorous testing at every stage to ensure functionality, reliability, and security.

Deployment and Maintenance

Once development and testing are complete, we deploy the software to your desired environment and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure its optimal performance, You can address any issues, and we will incorporate future enhancements.

Software Development Methodologies

Depending on your software needs, we offer many methodologies. Each methodology has its own advantages and is suitable for different project types, team dynamics, and business requirements.

Waterfall Model

The Waterfall Model is based on following a step-by-step guide. It takes a linear approach with clear project milestones that ensures a well-documented journey where each step is completed before jumping to the next step.

Agile Methodology

This software development methodology is flexible and allows for collaboration. It is based on an iterative process that maintains transparency and continuously improves the product along the way to development.


The Scrum is an agile framework that includes a well-coordinated team that sprints towards success! It works by collaborating teams together and maximizing productivity that delivers high-quality results.


Kaban is a methodology used to design, oversee, and enhance the efficiency of knowledge workflow systems. It promotes efficiency, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures teams stay organized and on track.

Lean Development

Lean Development methodology works on the principle of optimizing value delivery by minimizing waste. It employs an efficient approach that cuts out the excess and delivers maximum value.


DevOps acts as a bridge between development and operations teams to encourage shared responsibilities. With DevOps, you can see faster delivery, improved stability, and swift responses.

Rapid Application Development

Spiral Model

The Spiral Model combines the best of both worlds! It is based on the principle that different projects have unique risk patterns and allows teams to incorporate elements from various process models,

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Get elite software developers on your team and execute your project efficiently in the given timeline! With our resource-as-a-service for software development, you can tap into our pool of skilled software developers and augment your team with top-tier talent.

Use our staff augmentation and knowledge-based strategy to improve your development capacity and produce fruitful software development solutions.

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How long does it take to develop software?

The duration of software development varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. It can range from a few weeks for simpler applications to several months or longer for more complex software solutions.

We always prioritize the security of your project. Our team signs non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure your project’s confidentiality.

We’d be delighted to assist you in developing your unique app concept! We will gladly sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your invention. Once formalities are completed, our experienced team will work directly with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

We provide extensive support following the launch of your app, ensuring that it functions properly, addressing bugs, and providing updates and additions.

Android app development costs vary greatly depending on project complexity, team size, app type, features implemented, and other factors. Please contact us for a customised quote.

Absolutely! You can employ our experienced Android developers for your projects and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

The time it takes to develop an Android app is determined by its complexity. During the consultation, we will give you a project-specific timetable.

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