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The Brief

1 Year
Business Model
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Shemaroo, a renowned player in the media and entertainment domain, envisioned a comprehensive devotional mobile application, dubbed the Shemaroo Bhakti App. Their aim was to provide users with a one-stop platform for accessing a diverse range of spiritual content, including Bhakti Geet, Bhakti Videos, live darshans from famous temples like Shirdi, and a dedicated radio feature. 

Additionally, Shemaroo sought to integrate social media login functionality to enhance user engagement. Furthermore, they expressed interest in incorporating an e-commerce platform for devotional products within the app.

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The Challenge

The project presented several challenges, including the seamless integration of social media authentication into the app to enhance user engagement and security. Curating and organizing a vast array of devotional content while maintaining a smooth and intuitive user experience posed another challenge.

Implementing live darshan functionality from renowned temples like Shirdi required real-time streaming capabilities and robust backend support. Developing a stable Shemaroo Bhakti Radio feature for continuous devotional music streaming was crucial. Integrating an e-commerce platform within the app for secure and convenient purchase of devotional products added complexity to the project.

The Solution

A user-friendly interface was developed, featuring categorized sections for easy navigation of Bhakti Geet, Bhakti Videos, Aarti, Darshan, Puja, and more. Advanced video streaming protocols were utilized for live darshan experiences from renowned temples like Shirdi, ensuring uninterrupted streaming via robust backend infrastructure. The inclusion of a secure e-commerce platform within the app allowed for convenient purchase of devotional products, ensuring transaction security and user privacy.

Social Media Authentication

Implemented OAuth-based authentication for seamless login/signup using popular social media platforms, ensuring user convenience and data security.

Content Curation & Organization

Developed a user-friendly interface with categorized sections for Bhakti Geet, Bhakti Videos, Aarti, Darshan, Puja, etc., allowing users to easily explore and access their desired content.

Live Darshan Feature

Integrated live streaming functionality provide users with real-time darshan experiences from renowned temples like Shirdi, leveraging robust backend infrastructure for uninterrupted streaming.

E-commerce Platform

Integrated a secure e-commerce platform within the app, enabling users to purchase devotional products conveniently while ensuring transaction security and user privacy.

The Impact

The collaboration between Codevian and Shemaroo resulted in a highly successful devotional app, offering users a seamless and enriching spiritual experience

Increased User Engagemen


Expanded Reach


Positive User Feedback



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