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Custom elearning development

E-Learning is the process of using technology to assist learning and tutoring. Visual way of studying and memorizing things has always been a far better approach rather than claroom teaching.Enhancement in how the Internet works has allowed websites to deliver a visual and immersive learning experience on a computer or mobile device, perfect for stimulating a student and encouraging learning. Students have been successfull in keeping the visual models entact for a longer time in their mind.

Custom E-learning Development Company

Technology has helped in advance life which seemed impossible just a few decades ago. Right from gathering information to shopping, there are lot of things that one can do on the internet. One such thing is education. Today, it is not necessary to be in a physical classroom to learn and be educated. You can be anywhere in the world and be part of courses and acquire certificates and degrees. This has given rise to e-learning development companies, which are web development companies specializing in e-learning. Codevian Technologies is a website and mobile app development company that offers custom e-learning development solutions.

Challenges in retail and e-Learning


Custom elearning development

User friendly approach

It is difficult for understudies to change from a customary classroom and up close and personal teacher drove instructing to virtual, work area or versatile based learning. They don’t discover it that smooth and associating as it was in going to ongoing classes.

Custom elearning development

Managing large databases

On most occasions the e-learning sites and applications are not all around equiped with specialized parts and sever the association in the middle of which makes unsettling influence and breaks the grouping of the understudy. An elite specialized help is required.

Custom elearning development

Multi platform solutions

While in physical education, there are different open finished inquiries that are talked about in the classroom, clearing the questions and questions of understudies in the meantime.

Custom elearning development

Efficient content management

Understudies learn better when they are in gatherings. Presently anyway students in an online class work generally on computerized islands isolated from all other land masses, by interfacing understudies either online simultaneously or topographically close, prompts quality learning.

Custom elearning development

Services -That We offer

Student  onboarding &  Mangement,Learning  content Mangement System,Gamification,Online Exams,Student information system,instuctional Designing,Assessment and Analytics

Custom elearning development
Online training website and applications
Custom elearning development
Institute management solutions
Custom elearning development
Advanced mobility solution for college and university
Custom elearning development
Knowledge based educational website and application
Custom elearning development
e-Library app solutions
Custom elearning development
Library management solutions
Custom elearning development
University management (ERP) solutions
Custom elearning development
School management solutions
Custom elearning development

Our E-learning Services

Codevian has a team of expert developers who have worked on several e-learning development projects. Hence, our developers know what to do to make the e-learning website interesting and at the same time attractive.

Custom elearning development


E-learning causes a major shift from the classroom to a computer or a hand-held device. Whatever the students are learning, it is important to make sure that the UI/UX is simple to understand and use. A complex module would be time consuming and can take focus away from the main purpose of learning. Hence, we at Codevian make sure that the e-learning website is user-friendly.

Custom elearning development


Learning from a virtual classroom is a lonely affair. So, it is important to make it interesting for the students. The developers at Codevian Technologies develop e-learning websites that are interactive. This way we help in making the learning process more proactive.

Custom elearning development


People access e-learning websites not just on their computers and laptops. On the other hand, mobile phones and tablets are used more to attend online classes or courses. This is the reason we create websites that work well through multiple platforms. Users would have the same experience on their laptop, mobile or tablet.

Custom elearning development

Latest Tools and Technology

We only use the latest tools and technology to build the e-learning websites. Our developers are expert in using the latest tools and techniques that suit the e-learning web module.

Custom elearning development

Advanced Media Tools

We offer specific keyword analysis, competition analysis and develop a complete SEO strategy with respect to the business domain. We follow a result-oriented approach for the required SEO generating results to WordPress website owners through our expertise in marketing WordPress websites.

Custom elearning development

Customized Solutions

No two e-learning requirements can be the same. Hence, a standard template would never work, if you want your e-learning website to be successful. We take efforts to design and develop a website that stands out from the competitors.

Custom elearning development

Additional Services

Apart from the above given services, Codevian Technologies also offers other relevant services like content management and large database management, thus ensuring the quality of learning is maintained.
Every great website starts with a unique idea. If you think you have a great idea that can be converted into an e-learning website, share it with us. Your idea might be of a simple e-learning website or a complex one, Codevian Technologies would be able to formulate the perfect plan for you.

Custom elearning development

The Masters

The Master’s Training International was inspired by the poems in the book of Michael Cenaffra’s Faith, Dreams and Hope.

Eminary Acies

EminaryAcies Private Limited is a OnePerson Company incorporated for the purpose of providing one of the best digital platform to deliver highly customized one on one online classes.

Custom elearning development
Custom elearning development

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